About Me

Military service gave me a strong eye for efficiency and I developed my skills with technology while working at Microsoft. When combined, these qualities have led to my calling in life: using technology to increase efficiency.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve developed systems that keep me productive & organized. These systems have helped me..

  • Build & sell 5 online businesses while working full time jobs.
  • Visit 10 countries in two years without missing a meeting.
  • Never lose a file, note or message. I can also locate anything within seconds.

Since 2020, I’ve been teaching my methodology to nomadic entrepreneurs & busy executives, making them more productive and their teams more efficient.

Now I turn service-based businesses into well-oiled machines engineered to scale and churn out deliverables at a consistent quality, with minimal cost, minimal time, minimal human error, and minimal stress to the business owner.

I love working with smart and interesting people from all walks of life, so if you have an idea for a collaboration, let’s chat.

What I Do

I help create the necessary business processes to support your business as it scales

Systematize Your Operations

  • Create virtual assembly lines
  • Neatly organize & track every workflow
  • Auto-generate SOPs for quicker delegation
  • Create workflow automations in minutes

Increase Your Performance

  • Increase output by 70% or more
  • Decrease meeting & training time by 50%
  • Easily manage workload allocation
  • Peak performance training per team member

Track Your Profitability

  • Track profitability by client & by service
  • Track client projects and internal workflows
  • Have a real-time monitoring system that surfaces items that need your immediate attention

Organize Your Knowledge

  • Find any document within seconds
  • Organize client files in a centralized place
  • Have clear SOPs, so any new hire can immediately execute workflows or client projects

How it works

It all starts with a phone call. I take a consultative approach, so you get a custom tailored solution that fits your needs.

I’m fortunate to have worked with companies from all over the world

Are you ready to work together?

Every day, I build streamlined systems and workflows. I can do the same for you.

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